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pirateloli's Journal

Lovers of the sea
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Most pretty little lolitas are land loving creatures, too dainty to face the sun's rays or the ocean's spray. But we are a different kind of lolita. We hear the tide in our conch-like ears. Our mouths water for both sweetness and salt. We wake up in our rocking cabins and watch the dawn with the dolphins. Then, the day is our oyster.
Alice will call us wanting a hand in ordering about her scallywag crew as she sails the seven seas. Perhaps some of us are like Wendy, a damsel in mock-distress, living as the almost prisoner of a suave captian. We could go digging for treasure with our teddy bears like poor little Penny. Maybe we'd rather join the merfolk in their coral palace at the bottom of the ocean. Or for another story entirey, we might just want to sail around the bay. Regardless, we know each day is an adventure.

The following has been altered and stolen from [info]egl (in such a pirate-like manner). These rules are subject to change, but due to their proven effectiveness and sensibility they are here for the time being.

1. Please keep all posts on topic.
Keep posts relevant to the topic of Pirate, Sailor and any other sea themed Lolita fashion. Don't be discouraged though, we love our men and their outfits just as much as our women's.
All sales must be just as relevant as every-other post. Please check the memories before you ask a question, you may find others have asked it before.

2. Please be courteous to other members.
Be polite in offering constructive criticism and respect the wishes of those who ask for constructive criticism. Please do not post about any off-site drama, inflammatory off topic ranting, or moderation issues. If the latter arises, please contact a moderator or admin directly. In addition, posts containing nudity or obscenities will be deleted without warning.

3. Images larger than 400x400 pixels must be placed under a cut.
Not everyone has a high-speed internet connection. Additionally, the layout of [info]Pirateloli will not retain it's intended shape if images above 400x400 pixels are posted. Please place all larger images, and any image after the first, behind a lj cut. Images, including artwork, should be of good visual quality.

4. All sales and store advertisements must be placed under a cut.
Internet store sales and direct sales may be posted once. Online auctions may be posted twice, once near the beginning of the auction, and once near the end. Additional advertisements are subject to mod approval. Updates for online stores, selling journals, and commissioners should be kept to a minimum. Please keep these updates to no more than twice a month.
All text and images of a sales post must be under a lj cut. This includes all images images and all text.

Good Example:
(White puff-sleeve Angelic Pretty cut-sew for direct sale.)

Bad Example:
Hey everyone!
I have a really cute Angelic Pretty top for sale!
(Click here for details)

All sales must be Pirate Lolita related.

5. Please do not advertise other communities without mod approval.
If you have a community that you think would be appropriate to advertise in [info]Pirateloli please contact any of the available mods for approval.

6. No introduction posts.
An introduction post is when a new or recently active member of the community feels the need to make a post to introduce themselves. These posts usually contain a name, a location, and how long they've loved the fashion. Introductions would clog the community with unnecessary posts. If you feel the need to introduce yourself, you may add an introduction to an on-topic post.

Additionally, moderators reserve the right to delete any post they deem inappropriate, even if it's not addressed in the rules. You may e-mail the Administrator should you have any questions or problems about post deletion.