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Hei Pirates and Sailors out there!

I really love the Sailor and Pirate Style, although I don't have to much experience with that^^  I am pretty glad, there is this community, but sadly it is only used to sell clothes.

So I tought about getting some new structures around? I know I did never post here, but I am always looking around^^
I thought, maybe themes like the egl community has would be nice^^

Something like: Show off you favourit Sailor/Pirate Accessoir, handmade Items. Best picture of the Month - Theme...  add some more ideas^^

Maybe it would also help to forbid to sell? I think, there are enough selling communities around, and also egl_sales_comm is really well structured. So its really easy to find Sailor and Pirate items^^ What do you think?

Well, and because I don't want to make this post just to boring, I'll post some pictures of my new Sailor Jsk I made^^ I will wear this on sunday and I think about getting a tricorn hat with that^^


The collar and bow is detachable^^ I really love it. I could make it in like 5 more colors for me xD

I hope my posting is not too offensive! If so, I am really sorry!
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