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Tricorn opinion and coordination.

Hello everyone,
last year I got given a tricorn for a present and I ended up decorating it. And now I'm thinking about incorporating it into a proper lolita outfit (rarter that just wearing it to be a bit piraty as I do at the moment).
I've been unsure about this for a while and was wondering what other people thought.

This is my tricorn,

the bee on the front.

what the side ribbons are supposed to look like (but got a bit rained on so I need to resew them)

The feathers are real pheasant.

I'm prepared to make something, and I realy want to make sure I get a good colour match.

I was thinking of maybe a jacket similar to this http://www.babyssb.co.jp/shopping/pirates/104P311.html , but in a matching beige & black.

I'm kind of unsure what would work as a dress, as I want something that can go under or could be worn on its own (both with the tricorn).
Any ideas would be appreciated.
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