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WTB: Beauty and the rose promise [ 06:02pm on Thursday, 6/17/10 ]

Please sell me yours!Collapse )
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WTB: Alice and the Pirates TREASURE CHEST BAG [ 01:08pm on Sunday, 8/8/10 ]

Looking for Treasure Box Bag in BlackxWhite!Collapse )
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[ 12:03am on Wednesday, 9/1/10 ]

[ mood | curious ]

some thoughts about the comm^^Collapse )

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DS: AATP choker [ 06:01pm on Tuesday, 3/2/10 ]

DS: AATP chokerCollapse )
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DS: Baby and AATP cutew, skirt [ 03:08pm on Sunday, 12/27/09 ]

FINAL REDUCTIONS, please take a look :)
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DS: Alice and the Pirates Blouse, Skirt, and Pants USA buyers preferred, Canada maybe. [ 08:16pm on Thursday, 11/12/09 ]

DS: Alice and the Pirates White short sleeved Jabot Blouse, Blue Jewelry Skirt and Black Pants. USA buyers preferred, Canada maybe. Collapse )
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DA: AATP White Opera Millefeuille One Piece Dress USA only please. [ 01:30pm on Monday, 9/21/09 ]


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DS: AATP blouse [ 09:42am on Wednesday, 9/23/09 ]

DS:  *** AATP blouse (white) *** 
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DS: Sailor-themed Tri-colour hairties, Aatp Miranda Jsk [ 01:53am on Friday, 9/11/09 ]

Sailors ahoy!Collapse )
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Alice and the Pirates Sale [ 11:47am on Tuesday, 9/8/09 ]

[ mood | busy ]

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DS: Pink Aatp JSK, Pink Aatp Bonnet, White Aatp blouse [ 02:22am on Tuesday, 9/1/09 ]


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DS: Alice and the Pirates Red Tartan Vest and Skirt [ 12:54pm on Tuesday, 7/21/09 ]

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sale: alice and the pirates [ 03:46am on Thursday, 6/25/09 ]


tartan clothing items, studded belt, bolero, tote, crown barretteCollapse )
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Alice and the Pirates shoes size L [ 10:06am on Thursday, 5/28/09 ]

alice and the pirates shoes size L, fashionably versatileCollapse )
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sailor print pouf sleeved shirt [ 05:18pm on Monday, 3/30/09 ]

[ mood | cheerful ]

The shirt shown here is made out sailor print cotton, with black plastic buttons with swirl detail. It's a size small/medium.
It has cute pouf sleeves (elasticised for maximum comfort) and a stand up slightly ruffly collar.
The print consists of starfish, anchors and skull and crossbones.
Perfect for all kinds of nautical or piratical outfits!

I'm selling it off for € 20, shipping not included :)

Photos behind the cutCollapse )

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Alice and the Pirates Jewelry Skirt in blue and Trick master check blouse on Ebay! [ 01:11pm on Thursday, 3/5/09 ]

Alice and the Pirates blue Jewelry skirt and Trick Master ruffle blouse on Ebay! US residents only please! Collapse )
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valentine's pirate! [ 09:12pm on Saturday, 2/14/09 ]

[ mood | loved ]

i just got my AatP head dress today and so i decided to go to my romantic Valentine's dinner with my husband in pirate lolita!

cross-posted to daily_lolita

pictures behind the cutCollapse )

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Tricorn opinion and coordination. [ 01:05pm on Monday, 2/9/09 ]

[ mood | working ]

Hello everyone,
last year I got given a tricorn for a present and I ended up decorating it. And now I'm thinking about incorporating it into a proper lolita outfit (rarter that just wearing it to be a bit piraty as I do at the moment).
I've been unsure about this for a while and was wondering what other people thought.

picturesCollapse )

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Coordination help: what is this blouse and which headdress would fit best? [ 01:12pm on Monday, 2/9/09 ]

[ mood | blah ]

Hello there ladies o' the sea,

I just bought this dress:

I'm trying to figure out which blouse the JSK is coordinated with. It looks like this Nicholas blouse a bit: http://www.babyssb.co.jp/shopping/pirates/105P409.html. However, the tie is not quite the same. Is the blouse a discontinued model or...? In that case, I would gladly make an offer on it if you have it. Also, I'm having difficulty choosing a headdress for it. I thought about this one: http://www.babyssb.co.jp/shopping/pirates/104P971.html , but I'm afraid it's too girly-ish to go with the tie of the blouse and the boots I plan on buying: http://www.babyssb.co.jp/shopping/pirates/104P966.html .

So what do you think? What blouse do you think they coordinated it with and would that headdress fit?

Thank you for reading!

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Design a dress and win prizes worth $89! [ 12:34am on Sunday, 1/11/09 ]

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